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The two key processes used at ABC are the preparation of the metal surface and the application of a durable protective coating to prevent corrosion.  These processes are briefly described below.

Abrasive blasting is the first process used in providing corrosion protection to a metallic object.  This process involves using high pressure air to deliver coarse grit to the surface. It is necessary in order to prepare the surface for coating.  The blasting process has two main objectives: to clean the surface of all contaminants and to provide an “anchor pattern” for better coating adhesion.  For heavy, industrial applications, the use of metallic grit has many advantages over other preparation options (like sandblasting) such as the creation of a better surface profile, fewer health risks, less waste, less dust, and the ability to be recycled and reused.  For parts that requires a less aggressive surface preparation process, we have a booth configured for glass bead media.  Both of our blast booths are set up in an in-door, controlled environment with state-of-the-art climate control, recycling, and dust control equipment installed.

Abrasive blasting - preparing the surface

The process of thermal arc metalizing consists of continually feeding two metal wires to the spray gun at a uniform rate of speed. At the gun, the wires, which are electrically charged, are brought together at an intersecting point and an arc is struck between them. The heat generated melts the metal and a stream of compressed air atomizes the molten metal and propels it to the surface. The molten metal bonds to the substrate, producing a high quality, high adhesion coating.  Note that adequate surface preparation is critical to insure the effectiveness of the applied coating.  The wire arc process results in high adhesive and cohesive strengths, low oxide content, high spray rates, low power consumption and high-energy efficiency when compared to all other available methods. 



Thermal Arc Metalizing - Adding a protective coating


Abrasive blasting

& coating services

Surface Preparation

Thermal Arc Spray Metalizing

Compared to other techniques for corrosion control, thermal arc metalizing shows distinct advantages. Conventional paints and coatings (like powder coating and liquid zinc) do not provide the degree of protection that metalized coatings offer, both as barriers and sacrificially. Also, conventional coatings require frequent maintenance and repairs due to flaking, cracking, and inconsistent application. For products where weight is an issue, thermal arc metalized coatings can provide superior protection with less add-on weight. Metalized coatings can substantially decrease the re-coat cycle, and in many instances, completely eliminate it.


Another corrosion protection option is galvanizing.  The nature of the galvanized coating is such that only a thin layer at the surface is pure zinc. Closer to the steel substrate, the morphology of the galvanizing changes as it alloys with the iron. On the other hand, metalized zinc coatings are pure zinc, which makes the metalized zinc coating much more efficient than galvanizing since the entire coating thickness is used for corrosion protection. Thermal arc metalizing again offers superior value and a lower life-cycle cost.


Thermal arc metalizing is a far superior material, system, and application method than the alternatives.  It is used in high end projects which require a sacrificial coating system with an extended life expectancy and little or no repairs.  While the initial cost of a metalized coating may be higher than a conventional coating, the life-cycle cost will be lower, bringing greater value to your business.

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Liquid coatings are applied in our environmentally controlled paint booth.  We apply all types of liquid coatings from single component alkyds and enamels to high end epoxy barrier coatings and ultra-violet protective urethane systems.  All materials are applied in compliance with manufacturers’ latest written data with quality control provided by a NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certified inspector.  ABC has two environmentally friendly booths for liquid coating application.

Liquid coating applications

Blast Booth

Liquid Paint Booth

Metalizing Booth

powder coating applications

Powder Paint Booths

ABC’s Spartanburg location now has powder coating capability.  Powder coatings are applied electrostatically using dry powder and then cured using our temperature controlled oven.  A hard, tough finish is produced suitable for lawn furniture, outdoor railings, automotive parts, storage racks, etc. We have two environmentally-controlled booths: one for the application of the powder and a heated booth for curing the applied coating.